Portrait of Fruzsina Toth

Hi, I’m Fruzsina product strategist
& development manager

Crafting Strategy, Empowering Development, Smashing Goals

Unlock the full potential of collaboration throughout the journey of development.

Guiding you every step: transforming your product from concept to market and revitalising your organisation from standstill to flourishing.


  • 15+ minimum viable product
  • 10+ market entries
  • 5+ mass produced products


  • cross industry solutions
  • creative, out-of the box ideas
  • customized tools


  • research based methodologies
  • considering unique challenges
  • client-centric approach


  • guarding sensitive information
  • honesty and integrity
  • embracing circular economy

Facing product development challenges?

Bring your ideas to life with strategic, creative product development consulting and management. Let’s streamline processes, solve problems, and drive innovation to ensure your vision becomes a success story.

  1. Uncovering

    Evaluate ideas,analysing team competency and market, detecting challenges

  2. Action Planing

    Recommendation package with competency matrix, timeline, milestones

  3. Enhancing skills

    Designing comprehensive competency strategy, establishing measurement and evaluation system, building cross-functional teams

  4. Enabling system

    Defining product development roadmap with the introduction of essential tools and methodologies

  5. Tracking process

    Oversee document and result delivery system, uphold milestone system with indispensable flexibility

Looking to forge a thriving, successful organization?

Reorganise your company to operate autonomously, empowering employees to drive decision-making and take ownership of their work. Foster adaptability and efficient growth in response to changing demands and opportunities.

  • Empowering
  • Scalable
  • Self-governing
  • Outstanding
  • Capable

Companies I worked with